We like to think of our clients like guests we’d love to invite to a dinner party. Imagine a grand oval wooden table. Maybe it is in a beautiful and ornate dining room surrounded by walls of old books, or perhaps it is al fresco with hundreds of tea-lights hanging from trees in the summertime. At the center of the table is a beautiful crystal vase filled with blush, salmon, and rouge colored peonies. The guests are uniquely stylish people with brilliant minds, each of them the most innovative and unique in their respective creative fields. The food is exquisite, whether it’s rustic or refined, and the conversation is rich and flows with the wine late into the night. There are moments of focused but friendly debate and moments of laughter, the sound from which echoes for miles.

The evening is iconic, stylish, well presented and made memorable by extraordinary people. We believe that these same elements all combine to build a strong pitch, press release, story, or entire press campaign. It’s all about identifying the environment, setting the mood, and painting a picture.

Whether it’s pitching a story to the media or shaping and branding the client interaction intake and process for a client, we always take a creative approach, making sure our clients stand out.

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